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  • It’s affordable, with competitive rates and flexible repayment terms.
  • It’s smart, helping them save on utility bills and increase property values.

"Saving money and energy and increasing the value of their homes is a great benefit for our customers, and the process is quick and easy for contractors and for homeowners."

Jeanine Cotter, CEO, Luminalt Solar Energy Solutions

1. Select Programs

Please select the program to enroll into for your State / Region

Please select at least one program in {{license.State__c}}

NY contractors are not be required to have a contractor license in all areas. If you have a New York City, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Westchester County, Putnam County, Rockland County or City of Buffalo contractor license, please indicate the jurisdiction, number, type and expiration date here. If you do not, please click the " I am not required to be licensed to operate in this state" button below to proceed.
Some trades are not required to have a contractor licenses in some states. If you are licensed, please enter your information here. If you are not required to be licensed, please click the "I am not required to be licensed to operate in this state" button below to proceed."
License Number is Required
License Type is Required (State, County, or Other)
License Expiration is Required
I am not required to be licensed to operate in this state

2. Business

Please enter basic company details and ownership information

Please use your full legal name as registered with the Secretary of State and contractor license provider if applicable.
Company (Legal Name) is Required
All DBAs must be legally registered with the proper jurisdiction and the contractor license provider if applicable.
Company Name is Required
Company State is Required
Required! Please select a value
Net Worth is Required
Must be numeric
Annual Revenue must be numeric and greater than Annual Financed Volume
Annual Volume must be numeric and less than Annual Revenue
Must be numeric
Phone Number must be 10 digits
Must be numeric
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Primary Location Physical Address

Must be numeric

Mailing Address

Must be numeric

3. Principal Owner Information

To become a Participating Contractor, you must have satisfactory company credit and, if required by Renew Financial at its sole discretion, personal credit histories for company principals.

By checking the box to the right, I certify that there are no principals or owners that have 25% or more ownership in the company. (This situation is uncommon.)
Enter First and Last Name
Owner Title is Required
Owner SSN is Required
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Must be numeric
Must be numeric
Must be numeric
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All owners listed above understand that Renew Financial will make reference inquiries and that it may order credit reports, and/or independent background investigations on the company and its principals.

Authorization for Personal Credit Check

4. Contacts

Please enter all of your sales representatives, managers and administrators that will need access to our Contractor Portal to submit and manage applications.

First Name is Required
Last Name is Required
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Phone Number must be 10 digits
Title is Required
You must indicate at least one contact that will sign the completion certificate
Help with these checkboxes?
Primary Contact - Please identify one primary contact within your company for any communication regarding Renew Financial programs

Will Sign Completion Certificate - Please identify all contacts within your company that are authorized to sign Completion Certificates. A Completion Certificate is the document that certifies any job is complete to your and the homeowner's satisfaction. Providing us with these contacts will help ensure the process runs smoothly and you are paid quickly.

Participation Agreement Signer

Choose someone authorized to sign the participation agreement on behalf of the company.
This person is usually the CEO, RMO, or one of the owners.
Enter First and Last Name
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5. Regions Served and Products Offered

Please select the specific counties and regions server by you contracting business

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Required! Please enter Name
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Contractor Participation Requirements

  • Contractor and Business Licenses - Have all required contractor and business licenses for the jurisdictions in which you operate
  • Insurance Requirements - Meet all program insurance requirements including workers’ compensation and general liability insurance
  • Time in Business - Operated for a minimum of three years or provide evidence of equivalent experience
  • W-9 - Provide your Taxpayer Identification Number & Certification
  • Better Business Bureau Rating - Have a satisfactory Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating or otherwise demonstrate an overall reputation for a high level of service and workmanship
  • Training - Complete a product–specific training
  • Branch Locations - Provide a list of all branch locations and contact information
  • Credit Approval - Have satisfactory company and, if required, personal credit histories for company principals
For the full requirements, click here.

What you will need to complete this form

  • Annual revenue and estimated financing volume
  • Federal tax ID
  • Bank information (so we can issue payment to you electronically)
  • Workers comp and general liability insurance information
  • Scans/photos of the following documents
    • Signed W-9 Form
    • Proof of general liability insurance
    • Proof of workers compensation insurance

1. Supporting Documents

What do I need to upload?

You may submit these documents now or separately via email or fax. Please submit these documents as soon as possible to avoid delaying your application.

  • General Liability Insurance - Submit proof of insurance that you maintain general liability insurance in an amount no less than coverage required by law in the State of any program into which you are enrolling OR $500,000.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance - Submit proof of insurance that meets each applicable licensing board’s bonding and workers’ compensation insurance requirements.
  • Voided Check - To get the fastest possible payments, please provide your financial information by uploading a voided check below. If you use multiple bank accounts, please upload a check from your primary account and contact us to establish additional accounts.
Document Type
3MB Max

Uploaded Documents
File Name Description File Size
{{ document.Name }} {{ document.Description }} {{ document.BodyLength / 1000 }}   kB


Thank you, your application has been received.

We'll start processing it right away. You can expect a confirmation email and we'll contact you directly if we need more information.

Please speak to your sales manager to make changes to your account.